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Let's have a look at the situation in the countries where an extremely large number of studies have been done on this issue: In Russia, based on numerous results and studies that took place in the Academy of Sciences, as well as in more than 40 scientific research and clinical institutions, official state documents have been issued on this subject (Orders of the Ministry of Health - MoH RF № 139; № 330), indicating that it is allowed and it is necessary to take BAFSs in order to restore health. Methods of therapeutic eating are developed and validated with the application of BAFSs for hospitals, sanatoriums, schools and kindergartens (Protocol № 5 of the Government Commission on health protection of citizens meeting 19.09.2003). The results of these numerous studies are being already included in the textbooks of medical students. As an example is „Inflammatory liver diseases”, 2003, where for the first time a very detailed and sound description is done of the importance of BAFSs based on natural zeolites, as well as their unique properties in the complex treatment of hepatitis, alcoholic liver damage, including cirrhosis, kidney failure, etc..

In the U.S.A., at the end of 2005, the article titled „Natural zeolite cellular defense (NCD) - is it the next big thing in nutritional therapies for cancer and chronic disease?” (Mike Adams) was published. Comparing the conventional medicine drug „HERCEPTIN”, which has the potential to reduce breast cancer by 43%, with the non-prescription and made of completely natural ingredients (natural zeolites) product NCD (Natural Cellular Defense), the author of the article presents the following facts about this product: - approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S.A. (FDA-GRAS), division „Generally Recognized As Safe” (products category recognized as completely harmless); - the product creator, doctor of biochemistry Rick Deitsch, in a statistical survey, in the biochemical laboratory of the Ohio state, performed on 68 4th-stage cancer patients, ended up with the complete recovery of 61 (89%) of them, while the remaining 7 patients had their lives extended by an average of 14 months; - the anticancer effect of the product is probably related to its ability to activate gene r21, which not only kills cancer cells, but destroys tumors. The activated natural clinoptilolite zeolite, in powder form, came up as a universal inhibitor (stopping the development) of tumors by acting on the kinase protein, modeling the work of r21/r53 genes. The results are extremely important, especially in light of the information of the WHO - annually 10,9 million of Earth’s population are diagnosed with cancer, while 6,7 million of them die; - acts as an antioxidant, successfully fighting free radicals, helping the body to protect itself from them and avoid DNA damage. Immunomodulatory properties were found as well; - captures and discards nitrosamines, that is carcinogen substances, formed upon conservation, frying, smoking of meats, or as a result of the metabolism in the digestive tract. The nitrosamines are a cause of sudden increase in the risk of stomach cancer and the pancreas gland (pancreas) cancer. Leukemia and brain cancer are also associated with the processing of meat products. NCD captures and isolates these nitrosamines, preventing their involvement in the biochemical cycle of the organism; - by forming relations of the cell-cycle, it captures and disposes of heavy metals from the body. This is also very important, as it is established that mercury, cadmium and lead are responsible for various neurological disorders and diseases such as Autism, Alzheimer's, dementia and such; - act in a broad antiviral spectrum. After several weeks of using this product, major antiviral effects in the protection from infectious diseases have been noticed and even the ability to counter the threat of a bird flu epidemic.

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