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Immune System

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Why is “Rhodosorb” intake recommended in cases of immune system deficiencies?

As a BAFS that is based on natural zeolites, „Rhodosorb” has a powerful universal effect on the immune system, as an entero-donor-sorbent. The action mechanisms of this kind of BAFSs on the immune system at pathophysiology, pathomorphology and biochemistry level are well researched and explained (Blagitko E.M., Prophylactic and therapeutic properties of natural zeolites, Novosibirsk, 2000; Agadzhanyan N.A., Natural Minerals, in service to men, Novosibirsk, 2000, etc.). The main active mechanism of „Rhodosorb”, which strongly influences the immune system, is the full recovery of the minerals metabolism. The main result of the application of this food supplement is the immunomodulatory effect. For example, in case of immunodeficiency (82% of Earth’s population, according to statistics) the usage of „Rhodosorb” increases the activity of the immune system, while in case of hyperactivity (allergy and autoimmune disorders, including rheumatoid polyarthritis, allergies, dermatitis, bronchial asthma, etc.) reduces its pathological activity. Often times, the exacerbation of allergic conditions may be caused by the most harmless substances – B-group vitamins, fruit and vegetable juices, even herbal extracts. At the same time, „Rhodosorb” does not contain any organic components and its proper use cannot introduce allergens into the body, which are able to trigger such exacerbation. Therefore, the use of this dietary supplement in allergic conditions corresponds entirely to the first medical commandment: „Do no harm”, while simultaneously providing an opportunity for the immune system to work in regular mode. While taking a natural zeolite, a state of „relaxed activation” (Garkavi L.H., 1977) of the immune system takes place, which is maintained for up to 3 months after the standard prophylactic course. This state of „relaxed activation” is important for prophylaxis and rectification of conditions of colds, especially the ones that belong to the group of frequently and prolonged ill children.

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