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Keeping up good health, capability to work and longevity depends on adequate nutrition. According to the World Health Organization, 80% of all illnesses are related to poor nutrition. But today, one cannot get the complete amount of substances important for the body, regardless of their cost. Why? The main problem is the imbalance between quantity and quality of the food that we consume and the energy we spend. In recent centuries, the human body has not undergone any major changes – therefore, the need for vital substances is the same as in the 18th century, same as 10 000 years ago. However, our ancestors were destined to perform manual labor, burning 4-5 thousand kilocalories per day. In addition, they ate without limitation, obtaining through the food many vitamins, microelements and other vital substances. The modern man burns 2-2.5 thousand kilocalories at best. That is because they go to work by car or tram, their work is mainly mental work, they grab a quick bite to eat, while in the evening, they do not even get off the couch in order to operate the TV (it has a remote control). Furthermore, the soil, the water, the plant and animal food continuously deplete in terms of microelements, vitamins and other vital substances. Along with the new technologies in the food industry, which are aimed at refining the majority of the foodstuffs, as well as the use of preservatives, colorants, fillers, etc.. In addition, the impact of the environment (According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA, 2 million tons of toxic substances are dumped into the atmosphere every year, 33 000 tons of which have carcinogenic effect), as well as the latest consequences of the Fukushima accident (there are already radioactive elements above or near the margin in the food chain), we will realize that all this leads to shortage of valuable nutrients for the body or the loss of such.

It is certain that even when spending a lot of money on food, no matter if it's bio and versatile, our body does't receive more than half of the containing substances. At the same time, it either it contains or accumulates many harmful substances, including heavy metals and radioactive elements. Therefore, your body wont operate normally and . This problem is the inevitable price that we pay for scientific and technical progress. Fighting this problem worldwide employs the only currently possible way - with the help of biologically active food additives (BAFSs), i.e. solutions containing these key elements (minerals, vitamins, fibers, etc.), which cannot be obtained through ordinary food. These are the so-called vitamin-mineral complexes, which are taken by over 50% of Europe’s population, while in the U.S.A. this amounts to over 80%.

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